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In-Your-Home Care for dogs, cats, and other domestic animals

We care for your pets in the comfort and security of their own home.  Our goal is to maintain their usual routine as closely as possible. 

Prices start at $12/visit for cat households, $16 for dog or dog/cat households, depending primarily on distance from our home base.  There are no additional mileage charges.  We do not charge extra for multiple pets, unless your family is so big that we need to schedule especially long visits.  It all comes down to providing quality care for your pets.  We can discuss the specifics when you call us.

We always schedule a free, "get acquainted" visit when you call so that we can get to know you and your pets and have a mutual understanding of what everyone is looking for.  There is no obligation to either party until we get this chance to meet and confirm the arrangements.  We will ask you at this time to complete a small amount of paperwork, outlining your pet's routines, medical issues, etc.  We will also ask you to sign out a key to us at this time. 

For dogs, our typical schedule includes visits early in the day, late afternoon, and bedtime.  This generally amounts to between 1-1/2 and 2 hours of time spent with your dog every day.  Some dogs need more visits than this, particularly if they are very young or very old, or if they have health issues.  Scheduling fewer than 3 visits/day is not recommended.  When we meet with you during our free, "get acquainted" visit, we can determine together what kind of schedule will work best for your dog.  Every visit includes outdoor time.  We love to walk and will make sure your dog is well exercised.  A tired dog is a happy dog!  We are more than happy to prepare special diets per your instructions or administer medications.  We want your dog's routine to be as close to normal as possible and we want you to know he/she is well cared for so you can enjoy your travels!

For cats, we typically come once or twice per day, depending on your cat's needs.  We will not visit less than once per day because we don't think such a schedule is safe or healthy for your cat.  During our free, "get acquainted visit," we can determine together what kind of schedule will work best for your cat.  We are happy to prepare special diets per your instructions and we will keep your cat's litter box meticulously clean.  Administering medications to cats can be tricky.  If your cat needs medications, fluids, etc., please let us know up front and we will schedule our "get acquainted visit" at a time when we can do a trial run.  If we do not feel confident that we can adequately care for your cat's medical needs, we will let you know at that time and make a referral to someone with more extensive medical experience.  Your cat's well-being is our top priority!

The following house sitting tasks come standard with all pet sitting assignments:

Additional home care while you're away is available per your request.  Please ask us about prices.


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