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What our clients say about our services:

“Dan and Sandy are dependable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable dog walkers. They didn't bat an eye to our two bully breeds either, which is rare these days. Their dog handling experience is superb, and they offer sound advice for any pet problems you may have, while respecting the philosophies and training we uphold with our pit bulls. Dan and Sandy's hearts are truly in their work and their friendly attitudes and willingness to help you out in a jam are invaluable. I would recommend them to anyone – and I'm pretty particular about my pups, so that says a lot!”   —Jill Brown

“We are so grateful for Dan & Sandy! They truly care about our animal friends and treat them with the same love and care that we do. When our return home was delayed, they continued to come to the house until we were able to let them know we were finally home. And, when our dog had some health issues, they went above and beyond to take care of her and keep us informed. I completely trust Dan and Sandy with all of our animals and would recommend them to anyone.” —Mary Ferwerda & Rob Sieracki

“Bay View Pampered Pets is the best pet service we have ever used. They have taken extraordinary care of our dog, handling emergencies without a problem. Our dog, Packer, is much more at ease in our absence at home in familiar surroundings. Dan and Sandy walk, feed, give pills, clean up, take in mail, and stay in contact with us as needed so we know that Packer is just fine while we travel. We trust them completely to do the best for our dog in our absence. We recommend them to everyone who needs a pet sitter.”   —Bill & Linda Neiman

“Dan and Sandy provide quality service that you can trust. I recommend Bay View Pampered Pets to all my friends and co-workers in the Milwaukee area if they ever need pet sitting or dog walking services. No dog is too big...we have a Saint Bernard and Dan walks him like a champ.” —Andrew Aquino

“Dan and Sandy took great care of our dog, Baxter, for nearly five years. Rain or shine, they could always be counted on to give Baxter a daily dose of exercise, love and attention. Baxter eagerly watched out the window each day and quickly learned to recognize the Bayview Pampered Pets car as it pulled into the driveway. Dan and Sandy are trustworthy, professional and responsible, and we were lucky to have them to take care of the furriest member of our family. ”—Jim, Kristin, Jack, Nolan and Baxter

“I simply cannot imagine leaving the care of my two furry babies, Karma and Sasha, to any other people than Dan and Sandy. The Sykoras are completely trustworthy and keep a key to our home. They ask all the right questions about the care of my kitties and stay in touch with me if anything comes up while we are away. I simply do not worry because I know Sasha and Karma are not only getting food, water and clean boxes, they are getting love and personal attention! I recommend Bay View Pampered Pets gladly and with absolutely no reservations!” —Rhunette Humrich

“We love Bay View Pampered Pets! Dan & Sandy are very flexible, reliable, and love our dog as much as we do. For the last 3 1/2 years Dan and Sandy have walked our dog Franklin daily while we're at work. It's great to know Franklin is getting exercise while we're both at work, and someone is checking up on him during the day. It's also very nice to come home to a daily note from Dan or Sandy with how the walk went. We are happy we picked Bay View Pampered Pets to take care of our dog, and we would highly recommend them. We also think it's great that 5% of their revenues are donated to animal charities. It's just one more reason why we're glad we went with Bay View Pampered Pets.”
—Jessica Durbin & Nicolai Mickelson

“I would highly recommend Bay View Pampered Pets and my ‘lazy’ dog, Milo, loves them!” —Jasin Pasho

“My husband and I can now leave home without any guilt or worries. Dan and Sandy take a personal interest in our dog, Buddy, and treat him as their own. They are reliable and professional as well as compassionate and nurturing. Buddy looks forward to their visits and playtime. We highly recommend Bay View Pampered Pets.”  —Carolyn Lemens

“Dan and Sandy are professionals who provide me peace of mind for the four-legged members of my family. Dan and Sandy have taken care of both my dogs and cats. I would recommend their services to others.”      —Robert Zondag

‘‘Dan and Sandy Sykora have been walking my two Welsh Terriers Monday through Friday for about 4 years. I first sought their help when my arthritic knees prevented me from giving my dogs daily exercise, but even after knee replacements I continued to have them help out. Their love for animals is evident in the way they handle and talk to my Welshies. I get a daily written P & P report if I'm not at home when they return. I have total confidence and trust in Dan and Sandy, and so do my dogs (they are always excited to see them). I know they can handle any situation that could arise on these walks, so I am worry free with them on the other end of the leash from my terrierists!''
    —Kathryne Jacobs

“We have been using Bay View Pampered Pets for over 3 years and are extremely satisfied. Sandy and Dan are trustworthy, punctual and reasonably priced for the level of service they provide. We have on several occasions reached out to them at the last moment for pet sitting and they have always delivered!”      —John & Donna Simmons

“We have been working with Pampered Pets for years because we love them!! We have a yellow lab (Jack) that needs lots of walking and a cat (Bear). Thanks to Dan and Sandy, Jack gets LONG walks 2-3 times a day and Bear gets lots of loving attention. Our home is also safe because Bay View Pampered Pets always goes the extra mile and takes care of our mail, our window blinds and our lights. Plus, their prices are very affordable. Their warm nature and impeccable service are unbeatable. If you haven’t introduced your family to Bay View Pampered Pets, you should.”    —Mary Bergeson

“Dan Sykora quickly became part of our ‘family pack’. Our 15-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer, Alex, has ‘behavior challenges’ that have made it difficult to leave him in a kennel, or have others care for him. For over 2 years, Dan has been very positive, intuitive and patient, as he developed a relationship with Alex. He really understands dogs. We have peace of mind when Alex is in his care. Dan and Sandy’s flexible schedule, quality of care, and positive and friendly manner are amazing! You will be very glad to add them to your ‘family pack’ too!”  —Ellen & Bill Wruck

“Dan has walked our dogs for over two years and has never missed. Spencer, Temba, and Sophie have all adored him, waiting and watching out the windows until he appears. He has been very flexible and responsive to our needs. We highly recommend him.” —Pam and Bob Mahnke

“Sandy and Dan have been petsitting my two cats, Rupert and Izzy, for just over two years. I always have a sense of well-being when I'm gone on long trips because I know that my pets are being nurtured and well-cared for, and if anything should come up (especially with the 14-year old, Rupert), I know my beloved pets are in good hands. After coming home from time away, I can tell my sweetie-pie cats have been comfortable over the duration because they don't seem to be terribly upset that I was gone (as hard as it is to admit this!) I wouldn't want it any other way. Thanks Sandy and Dan! —” Krista Lanphier











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Rupert and Izzy

Rupert and Izzy