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Bay View Pampered Pets Give-Back Program

2018 Donations

Our first quarter Give Back Award for 2018 goes to Second Hand Purrs. We continue to be supporters of this great local organization which has been a beacon of hope for cats in the Milwaukee area for so long. We are impressed by the commitment of their volunteers and by the many creative fund raising activities they employ to maintain funding for local kitties in need! Please visit their webpage at to see what you can do to help or to find your next feline family member!

2017 Donations

4th quarter Give Back Award goes to Wisconsin Humane Society's Pets for Life Program. As stated on their website, ''WHS's Pets for Life program serves people and animals in Milwaukee's 53206 and 53205 zip codes and Amani, Franklin Heights, Halyard Park, Harambee, Metcalfe Park, Midtown, and Walnut Hill neighborhoods through door-to-door outreach and community events. Families in this community face many barriers to accessing important services for the animals they love. The zip code does not have a single veterinary clinic, and just 9% of the animals whom we initially meet are spayed or neutered. WHS provides free spay/neuter surgery, vaccines, information, and resources to animals in the community. Our Pets for Life outreach team builds trust and relationships with community members, makes information and resources accessible, and establishes a consistent presence in the neighborhood.'' For more information, go to

3rd quarter Give Back Award goes to BARC (Houston). We generally like to make our awards to local organizations, but given recent events, we decided to send our resources south to Houston to help re-home animals after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. We liked the looks of BARC, the city-run animal shelter that handles a wide variety of animal welfare issues including adoption and education. If you would like to support their efforts, please visit From the pets and their people in Milwaukee, we send love and belly rubs to the animals of Houston!

Our 2nd Quarter 2017 Give Back Award goes to JR's Pups-N-Stuff. JR's is operated by a network of volunteers who transport, foster, and place dogs, and the occasional cat, with adoptive families. Bay View Pampered Pets has been honored to care for a number of dogs who are thriving in loving homes today because of the dedication of JR Pups volunteers.

For more info on adopting or volunteering, please visit

Our first quarter 2017 Give Back Award goes to Famous Fido Rescue in Chicago, IL, and is dedicated to Ajali, a special little Shiba Inu, who recently made the journey to Rainbow Bridge. In caring for Ajali, we came to know her guardians, Sandy and Ron, who are tireless advocates for animals in need. Together with Gloria from Famous Fido Rescue, Sandy and Ron were able to rescue a precious little dog, Angel, who was soon to be euthanized at a Chicago shelter. Angel went to live with Ajali for a time until she came to live with us in her forever home. We are indebted to Sandy, Ron, Ajali, and to Famous Fido Rescue for saving Angel at the 11th hour. We are also indebted to a number of good friends who spent time with Angel during her initial days of adjustment and anxiety while we were out caring for other pets. Sometimes, it really does take a village, and we have so often been amazed at how the pet community pulls together on behalf of special needs animals.

Famous Fido Rescue is a grassroots effort to end kill shelters and to promote animal rescue and adoption. They work to rescue animals who aren't considered "adoptable" from abuse and euthanasia and to connect these animals with safe, loving homes. They want to change the way people view animals and the way that many laws do not work to protect them. Famous Fido aims to save the lives of the animals that need us most - those at high risk of euthanasia. They rescue and rehabilitate the animals that many other shelters feel they cannot take. Famous Fido promotes the understanding that no animal should have to live in a shelter, that re-homing is the best and only answer. They continue to build a network of foster parents and potential adopters to ensure that these animals are treated with respect and compassion for the rest of their lives. To learn more about their mission and the wonderful work they're doing, please visit

2016 Donations

In 2016, Bay View Pampered Pets donated 5% of gross revenues to the following animal welfare organizations:

4th Quarter: Mit Liebe German Shepherd Dog Rescue (MLGSDR) is a 501c3 nonprofit foster based rescue run entirely by volunteers and supported solely by donations and an occasional grant. MLGSDR takes in unclaimed, unwanted, abused or neglected German Shepherds from WI, MI, IL and IN. MLGSDR often takes older dogs and medical dogs that other rescues sometimes pass by, taking the time with each dog to make sure they are healthy and matched with a perfect forever home. Based in Suamico, WI, MLGSDR has volunteers throughout WI, MI and a couple in IL. Their greatest need is foster homes because without fosters, dogs in shelters have nowhere to go. Their motto is "we only adopt to those who love our dogs as much, if not more, than we do." For more info about fostering, adopting or volunteering, please visit their website at or find them on Facebook under Mit Liebe German Shepherd Dog Rescue.

3rd Quarter: Wisconsin Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. The WHS Wildlife Rehabilitation Center helps over 5,000 sick, injured, or orphaned wild animals per year. Their small staff, with the help of interns and volunteers, does their best to rehabilitate these animals and return them to the wild. They also provide a wildlife hotline to help members of the public humanely navigate issues that occur with wildlife in their environment. To learn more, please visit

2nd Quarter: Canine Cupids. Canine Cupids works tirelessly to improve the lives of Milwaukee's homeless, neglected, and exceptional needs dogs and to place them in permanent, loving homes. They operate on the principle that every animal deserves to be loved! To learn more or to apply to adopt one of these special animals, please visit

1st Quarter: Wisconsin Saint Bernard Rescue. WSBR fosters and re-homes neglected, abandoned, or surrendered St. Bernards. They work hard to educate the public about the special characteristics of this gentle and noble breed so that inappropriate matches will be avoided. While the organization's work focuses on St. Bernards, they have also re-homed dogs of other breeds. Please visit them at

Following are some of the other organizations Bay View Pampered Pets has supported:

Second Hand Purrs Medical Fund. As a no-kill shelter, Second Hand Purrs does everything they can to help their homeless cats survive and thrive. Their medical fund helps homeless cats who come into the shelter with serious medical issues, as well as covering routine testing for illnesses such as feline leukemia, and providing rabies boosters and other necessary care. It also helps pay for spays and neuters so that we don't end up with more cats needing homes!

BREW (Beagle Rescue, Education, and Welfare) is an all-volunteer organization that rescues beagles from neglectful or abusive situations, places shelter beagles in loving foster homes, and ultimately, places beagles in permanent, loving homes. BREW Midwest focuses on Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Western Pennsylvania. We were impressed by the strong educational component of BREW's work, enlightening the public about the particular joys and challenges of owning this breed and also their dedication to promoting spay/neuter and informing the public about the problem of "puppy stores." We dedicate this award to the memory of Packer, one of our favorite little customers, who went over Rainbow Bridge last fall. He was a true ambassador for the breed.

Operation Sunshine is a special project of Friends of MADACC (Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission), raising funds to build outdoor kennels and a dog exercise area for exercise, training, adoption events and other activities. These much-needed outside areas will give shelter dogs a chance to experience fresh air and exercise while they wait to be adopted into forever homes. We are excited to contribute toward MADACC's goal of $25,000.

The Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project educates the public and legislators about the inhumane practices of pet mills, pet shops, and other pet facilities. Despite recent legislation to regulate these facilities, much work will still need to be done to enforce the new law and to help the countless animals who have been victimized by unscrupulous breeders and retailers. Read more about WPMP's ongoing efforts at

PAL (People and Animals Learning) is an educational program of the Wisconsin Humane Society designed to help at-risk Milwaukee youth learn to nurture and protect animals. Working in teams of two, the children prepare shelter dogs for adoption by providing socialization and training and they also may help rehabilitate injured wildlife. They then become ambassadors in their communities who work to prevent animal cruelty and neglect.

Second Hand Purrs Cat Shelter
This no-kill shelter is operated completely by volunteers who care for hundreds of stray or surrendered cats every year, with the ultimate goal of placing them in permanent homes. Please visit to see how you can help.

Battle Against Dogfighting
This is a special program of Friends of MADACC (Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission) which takes on the urgent task of protecting animals against the horrors of dogfighting. Please visit for more information about this important project.

Greyhound Pets of America – Wisconsin Chapter
GPA is an all-volunteer organization that places retired racing greyhounds in loving homes around the country. Please visit to learn more about this terrific organization.

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